Talking to kids about Halloween is a little different this year. They are dreaming of their costumes and all the candy they will get when they trick-or-treat, and we are thinking about how we can give them those things while keeping them safe.

We won’t be doing our annual Halloween parties, or “normal” trick-or-treating, but the good news is that there are many ways we can give our kids everything they are dreaming of for Halloween.

In this newsletter, we will give you some fun ideas about how you can make Halloween special. We’ll explore where you can go to safely collect treats as well as crafts, activities, and virtual things you can do to give your kids the best experience as possible so that they will remember Halloween and not a Covid-19 Halloween.

Fall is one of our favorite seasons in the studio that we typically will go all out to celebrate. We are sad we won’t be holding our annual Harry Potter party complete with floating candles, wand and potion making, and all the kiddos dressed to support their Selected house. But that won’t stop us from finding a way to celebrate. We’ll also show you what we are doing to help you celebrate!

Here are a few ways you can make this year special for your family!

  1. Decorate – Go all out on your decorating! If you don’t own many Halloween decorations, then you can make some! Use things around the house or join us in the studio and make some with your family.

Here are some ideas of projects you can do in the studio, or order on our website and create at home.

2. Do some crafts with your kids – kids love to do simple crafts and Halloween offers a perfect opportunity to do this. There are thousands upon thousands of ideas of projects to make from things you probably have lying around your home. You can take a look at our Pinterest page to get some ideas here.

We also have a monthly subscription box that has 8-10 different kid-friendly crafts. Our subscription box also includes the necessities such as kid-friendly scissors, glue stick, tacky glue, and regular school glue! Boom, done! Subscribe by October 4th and get our Spooky Craft Box sent directly to your home!

3. Dress Up! Just because you don’t have anywhere to go, doesn’t mean we can’t dress up. Even if you can’t sew, there are tons of costumes you can make. Get the kids to help! If they help with the creative process, they are going to be so proud of the costume they created.

Here is an article that gives TONS of inspiration. I mean seriously #13….the tiny gumball machine, ugh, so cute. A red outfit and some pom-poms and you’ve got yourself a costume.

4. Do a scavenger hunt! Instead of going door to door, take a drive around town, or take a walk around your neighborhood to find Halloween related things! Make your own, or download our free scavenger hunt worksheet!

5. Make your own Haunted House!

Get some bedsheets, some chairs, lamps, and basic supplies like spiderwebs, fake spiders, black lights, glow sticks, and anything else you find spooky and create your own haunted house. Create one for your kids to walk through in the hallway or have them create one for you. Either way, this is a fun way to spend the afternoon on Halloween! Make sure to video it for memories!

Whatever Halloween looks like for you and your family, take time out to spend it together and don’t let the circumstances of life get in the way of that. When your kids are all grown and Halloween is not a big deal anymore, you will want them to look back and know that you did what you could to make the most of the season!

Happy Halloween from your Venvino Art Studios Family!

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