Why is art enrichment important for kids

Why is art enrichment important for kids

In recent years there has been so much importance put on stem activities like science, technology, engineering, and math. Although those activities are very important, we can’t forget how important art is for growing brains. Art is one of the only activities that can employ all the senses at once. Light, sound, touch, smell, and taste (depending on the activity). This can help encourage positive neural connections. 

Here are 10 ways that art helps your kids grow:

1. Art teaches problem-solving. There is always more than one way to create any kind of art piece. Working through this and having a final product they are proud of encourages them to look for new ways to solve problems.

2. Art is forever. Self-expression has been fundamental to humankind throughout history. No matter where we are in life, art can always help us to communicate and understand each other.

3. Future preparedness. Our kids are facing a future that will require creative problem-solving. From climate, politics, and technology to day-to-day life doing art at a young age creates the connections in their brain that allows for this kind of creativity.

4. Art is a multi-million dollar business. At the center of every big business are artists establishing what that business is. From marketing to technical design, all businesses need artists in some capacity.

5. Art supports emotional intelligence. When kids create something unique it can be a powerful way to build self-confidence. They not only learn how to be proud of themselves but to encourage others to keep going and to show them the power of another person’s kindness.

6. Art Improves holistic health. Art has been central to healing for a long time. Artists like Frida Khalo used art as a way to redirect her mind from her chronic pain, and Van Gogh used art to redirect his depression. 

7. Art Develops the whole brain. It requires concentration, consideration, dexterity, and interfacing with the material world through various tools and mediums.

8. Art creates a love of learning. Mastering any skill takes perseverance, creativity, and learning from one’s mistakes. When a skill is mastered, it creates self-confidence and encourages you to conquer the next challenge.

9. Art connects us to the world. We can see the world through someone else’s eyes through art. Each of us has a unique way of experiencing and communicating the world around us. Kids are unique in that they usually don’t know the words to use to express how they are feeling, however, they have shown to be able to communicate this through art.

10. Art builds community. It is so much easier to make a friend by creating together. Our studio is such a wonderful place for all kids to feel welcome, accepted, and encouraged to be their own unique selves.