Art Camps

Our art camps are never the same.  The kids get a chance to try several different types of art and art related activities.  We allow the kids to utilize their creativity, senses, and abilities to push the boundaries on what they can accomplish through their art.  We can make each child’s project as easy or as challenging as they need to be given their specific experience and interests.  For example, we have transfers for all of our paintings so that kids can either paint free-hand, or we can transfer the image onto the canvas so that they are painting “between the lines”.

We offer no school day camps and summer week long classes.  We do not have a specific age range for our camps because kids are at all different levels no matter their age.  In our camp details we will provide a recommended age range, but your child is welcome to join any class.  The only restriction is that they are potty-trained and can use the bathroom on their own.

The goal is to ensure that every child is proud of their work and no matter the mistakes, each project is uniquely a fantastic piece of art!